Installing the yBlog System

Installing the yBlog System
Installing the yBlog System
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Settug up Windows 10 Home
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Created: Nov 2020
Modified: 08/15/21
Beta .34: July 19, 2021

Installation is as simple as unzipping the files to any directory on your ISP server on on localhost. It's easiest to understand the setup by stepping through the PHP scripts that generate each page. It may look daunting, but there's not many files that require any modification.

Settug up Windows 10 Home

Windows 10 Home has a built-in Webserver, but as Microsoft sells cloud and other Web services, it doesn't make it simple to install, sadly. It's easy once you've set it up, though.

  1. Open Control-Panel->Programs and features and switch to the "Turn Windows on or off" pane. Turn on all the "Internet Information Services" componenst and the "Internet Information Services Web Core." You will be prompted to restart your computer.
  2. In your browser, search for "web platform installer" and open the link to the Microsoft Store. Install, ignore the prompt saying there's nothing to do, and switch to the "Products" tab. Click the 'Name' header to sort by Name, scroll down to "PHP 7.4.13 (x64)", select it, and click the 'Install' button at the bottom of the panel.
  3. In your browser, search for "Using PHP Manager for IIS to setup and configure PHP" and select the link to the Microsoft or IIS site, they are the same page. Install the PHP manager. It will create a widget in the IIS manager.
  4. In Windows Start, type "IIS" in the programs search field and select "IIS Manager." Find the PHP manager icon in it and double-click it. It will have a 'warning prompt.' Open it and accept the recommendation to change the home page to 'index.php.'
  5. In the right edge of of the IIS manager, press the 'start' link, or press the 'restart' link if the Web service is already started. Minimize the IIS manager.
  6. In Windows File manager, navigate to "C:\\inetpub\wwwroot". That is your FILE root for the Website. Delete the default files in that folder. Download the "" in the downloads section of this page. Unzip it FIRST, then copy all its files to the wwwroot folder.
  7. In your browser, type "localhost" in the browser. You will receive a prompt to enable directory browsing. Follow those instructions and double click on 'CMS.php.

BAM. your content creator shows up in your browser! Everything is much easier from now on. Lol.

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My name is Ernest Meyer, and this is my private site. I was going to be sitting some courses at my local University, Chico State, but itsElder's Program has closed due to COVID until Spring 2022. Now I am instead spsonsoring coral reef restoration, and creating a 3D model ofStowe House in Cinema4D. Also, I have been working with a fellow fromCorpus Christi College (Oxford University, UK) to set up aPhilosophy of Science Prize.

Curriculum Vitae. I was born in Washington DC in 1960 and earned scholarships to Eton House preparatory (now closed) andStowe School (Bucks, UK). AtOxford University, I satPPP. For seven years, I worked in technology journalism (for a sample, seethis ACM Archive). For 25 years, I was a spec writer, analyst, digital architect, and release engineer on products such asApple's iPhone-1 CPU,AT&T's first 802.11 chipset,Aureal's Vortex ASICs, set-top boxes and servers forCable & Wireless andTeleWest,Intel's Pentium-1,Oki Electric Co.'s PCS Chipsets,Oracle's Network Computers, andSeaChange streaming video services as used by Netflix. Privately, I've also produced multimedia software for Hollywood, of which the public-domain parts are on this site). My audio software has been heard on the TV series 30 Something,Kings, and Sony TV Classics, as well as in the bands Shpongle and Younger Brother.

Gun-Control Work Status. This started in 2015, when I asked 300 members of the newly reformed Tea Party if they'd shoot someone for stealing apples from an appletree in their back yard. And ~90% said they would, regardless whether it was only a child. In a few years, I could be resumingmy work for the Administration again, now under Biden. But I'm praying Biden's gun-control initiatives of June 2021 will mean I won't have to. Before Biden's speech on it (see the NYT reporthere), The NRA-ILA started fighting it already (seehere).

Skills. I continue to refine some software skills. I've coded inSNOBOL,x86 and6502 assembly language,QuickBasic &Power Basic,Gnu GCC, Windows 3.1 & NT WDM,Visual Studio C/C++,gen~ codebox, and PHP with MySQL/HTML/CSS/DOM. My application skills includeAdobe (Acrobat Pro, Dreamweaver, FrameMaker, and PhotoShop),Daz3D (Carrara & Hexagon), Smith MicroPoser,Trimble Sketchup, SideFXHoudini 3D, Native InstrumentsReaktor,Cycling'74 MAX,Oracle X, andApache withMySQL andAdMiner.

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