A Newer Testament

'A Newer Testament' is a rational and scientific approach to the religion of Christianity that does not require belief in supernatural events.

A 'Wiser Designer' Argument

How Wise is the Argument from Intelligent Design?

Jesus' Birth

A rational explanation of Jesus starts with his birth in crap


Could artificial respiration be a lost skill?


Is love only the result of social evolution, or something more?

Jesus' Death

My historical account for Mel Gibson's film, at his request

Judgment Day

An Encounter with Divine Beauty

New Atheism

Dawkins' Assault on Science in 'The God Delusion'


Can Ayn Rand vanquish the Grinch?

Natural Rights

Jefferson's Theistic Basis for Natural Rights


A mysterious experience beyond other definition than transdendental


Cognitive Therapy's Ascent, Downfall, and Regression


Ptolemy was superseded, not wrong. Plus, entropic geocentrism


Ancient and Modern Concepts of Divine Justice